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Energy efficient, light diffusing, incredibly strong, transparent…wood



New life in the lab? Major genetic engineering advance on the way


Beer quite possibly a key cause of civilization

Archaeology300As Paul Ratner at Big Think puts it, “Patrick McGovern, a biomolecular archaeologist at the University of Pennsylvania, has one of the coolest jobs in the world.”

Yes. Yes he does. (more…)

Endings and beginnings: when the asteroid hit

Another wonderfully executed video. 90 minutes collapsed to less than 5, ending millions of years of evolution for some, kickstarting the next round for others.

All the history and some of the future in less than 10 minutes

An excellent visualization!

Goosing germs in space and robotic, holographic microscopy How Holograms Could Aid Alien Life Hunt

DHM has several advantages over ordinary imaging microscopy when it comes to possible use on a space mission, Lindensmith said. For example, it’s easy to make DHM instruments autonomous; there is no need for knob-twiddling to bring a target object into sharp view.

“The thing that makes it magic is, we don’t have to do any focusing,” Lindensmith told at AGU. “We can reconstruct any image in the object field.”


The floating cities of Venus

SpaceExploration300Popular Science: SHOULD WE SEND MEN TO VENUS INSTEAD OF MARS?

So why not build a floating city? Or explore the planet with a dirigible feature a manned cabin slung underneath? It’s something scientists at NASA’s Langley Research Centre recently proposed, and it’s a compelling idea.