Musings of an autodidact

Decade to decade, an ongoing Golden Age

NPR: 400 Years After Galileo, Astronomy’s New Golden Age (2009)

A Golden Age is the confluence of some of the discoveries in the past decade or so. We now know that black holes do exist, as exotic as these things are, and that our Milky Way Galaxy actually is host to a massive black hole in the center of the galaxy. We know definitely that other planets exist around other stars.

And we know now an amazing fact, really, that the universe is not only expanding, which we’ve known for almost a century, but it’s speeding up. We’d always thought that it would be slowing down because of the universal attraction of gravity.

So you go to a cocktail party. You know, you sit down on an airplane. You talk to the people in the seat next to you. Everyone finds what we are discovering about the universe fascinating at this time.

And the excitement only grows greater with the passage of years.



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